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We have recently been selected among all dance floor builders in the USA to create 10,000 sq. ft. of dance floor for the National Dance convention in Pittsburgh this month.† This event happens only once in every ten years and is comprised of 92 ballet companies from across the country.† Locally we have created four studios at Orange Coast College and have been asked to design a floating stage for the Robert Moore Theatre when the stage rebuilt. We also rebuilt the large dance studio at Coastline College.† Recently in San Diego we finished building the largest dance center on the west coast, Dance Place San Diego with upwards of 15,000 sq. ft. of varied style studios in one building alone. There are four professional companies among its residents.† We designed the dance stage for the Dreamgirls movie and the private studio for its choreographer Fatima Robinson.† This studio is in Silverlake and is the highest end studio in the world as it is used for world renowned stars and their shows. In Mission Viejo we recently built the largest private ballet center which is over 7,000 sq. ft.† In Los Angeles we built the floors for Dance Arts Center which is the largest complex in Los Angeles at 8,000 sq. ft. of sprung hardwood studio space. Other Los Angeles area professional studios include Dancers Studio, The Vibe, Metzler, Premier Dance Academy, and Le Studio.† Schools include Fulton College Prep, Champs Charter, and Arcadia high School. Other celebrities include floors for Tim Burton, Toni Basil, Gregory Hines, and the Strasberg Acting Institute in NYC.† Other Universities include University of Akron (recent) and San Diego.† This March we built the largest basket weave stage in the country in Montgomery Alabama. We have multiple studios in Ohio, Maryland, Washington, Texas, Florida, Alabama, Nevada, South Carolina, Arizona, New York, Ontario, Windsor, and Sweden.† We are recognized by the dance surface suppliers Stagestep ( and Entertainment Flooring Systems ( as the most innovative and premier basket floor design builders in the country.†


Both David Sukonick and Carlos Torres are lifelong professional dancers.† We understand the real life dynamics of the floor and needs of other dancers. I design and build the floor so that I can maintain utmost quality control.



David Sukonick




Mission and Outlook


Our goals are to create the finest and longest lasting dance floors possible.† We continuously research for new methods and materials.† We keep contact with all our clients for feedback.† In several instances, if we discovered a major improvement to our method we will contact one of our earlier dance floor clients and upgrade their floor, at times free of charge.† We have made over 150 dance floors across the country and internationally.  We created the floors for the former Ballet Pacifica (now Charles maple Academy) to the high standards of American Ballet Theatre greats Ethan Steifel, Amanda McKerrow, and John Gardner.† In the same area there are three gorgeous studios at Orange Coast College and a very large new studio at Coastline College.† In Mission Viejo we have constructed one the largest dance facilities in the area.† The West Coast Dance Academy has 6 luxurious studios of 7,000 plus sq. ft. of dance floor with three different surfaces to best accommodate any form of dance. We built two studios for one of the most renown of all Cuban ballet teachers in Florida, Magaly Suarez "Mamicha".† Fernando Bujones himself did some steps on this floor and proclaimed it as the best dance floor he had ever been on.† In addition, there is the Arizona Conservatory of Arts in Phoenix, and for California Dance Theatre in Agoura there is a studio named for and used by the renowned teacher Stanley Holden.  We have built many great studios in the San Francisco area.† We now have studios in Canada and Sweden.† We were chosen and built the studios for the NTC Foundationís Dance Place San Diego which is one of the largest dance facilities on the West Coast.† It consists of four companies and over 11,000 sq. ft. of dance studio floor.


We are very exacting and know where every screw goes before we start so we are able to work with extreme speed and accuracy.   I am always there working and I oversee every last detail.  The whole crew is made up of former and current professional ballet dancers. We are not normal construction workers because of this.  We all take pride in what we are making since it is inseparable from what do.  The floor is the tool of our expertise and trade. It is interesting to note that nearly every studio owner has treated us like family.  We encourage everyone to stop on by while we are working. This includes teachers, students and parents.  At one point or another we describe the floor and do a few tricks on it.  I always suggest testing out one of the many studios we have built first.  There is a time-lapse photography of the whole process that we made for studios† in Los Gatos, in Agoura, and for the large studio at Orange Coast College.


Designer:† David Sukonick


Mr. Sukonick supervises every aspect of the floating floor from design, to building.† He has been a professional ballet dancer for 20 years.† He is director of the Well Tempered Ballet of Los Angeles.† He is expert in many aspects of the dance field.† In the southern California area he is much sought after as a dance videographer.† He has expertise with audio for dance and is able to restore, produce, and completely customize music for ballets, old and new.† An expert on classical music Mr. Sukonick is also an accomplished pianist and violinist.†

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